What is Over-the-Phone Interpretation?

- Efficient Communication Tool

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is a three-way communication connecting you and an interpreter through your home, business or cell phone. It offers the ability to communicate most efficiently and effectively saving both time and money. All you need is a phone. A professional and experienced interpreters with the knowledge of both US and Japanese business environment will interpret meaning-to-meaning NOT word-to-word. We serve both individual customers and corporate clients including small businesses, healthcare, manufactures, IT, insurance, hotel, and transportation.

Affordable Price!

- Competitive Price for Dependable Service

Type of Setting:

Price / minutes 

     International Calling Fee   
  ① One-to-One


  ② Meeting


  ③ Multi Location


  ④ Seminar


      _No charge if the line is busy or not available
  We accept major credit cards and paypal payment

How to Connect?

- Simple Connection

No registration precess needed. Simply call to start within 5 to 30 minutes.  
in US
in Japan

Tokyo New York Los Angeles Honolulu London Sydney

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